How Can You Fulfill Your Role As a Caregiver Without Losing Yourself in the Process?

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This book is PACKED with 'how to's" and do it yourself tools to develop your own Aging Plan, facilitate a family meeting, how to interview home care companies and MORE!

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 This book is a must read if you have an aging parent or family member, or one with dementia, that your are trying to help and care for. In this book, Annalee guides you through the process of organizing and implementing a plan for, among other things, the safety and well being of you and your family member. Annalee can either be hired to advocate for your family member and walk you through the steps you need to take for your family member. Or, you can follow her guide in this book with valuable resources included to navigate on your own. I wish this book had been available to me when my own parent was transitioning from independent to being dependent on me. 
 A very informative book, written from the heart.
The writer describes her own touching journey to caregiving, and she shares different steps for families to take, so that they are well prepared for the day when care is needed for a loved one.
Caregiving doesn’t need to be overwhelming and/or exhausting if you plan ahead.
I would recommend this book to everyone with aging parents, aging spouses, spouses/family with dementia or memory loss, or other aging family members. 
First, I want to thank the author and the publisher for presenting this book in a large, easy to read print.. If one has a family member facing the trials of aging or dementia there is a wealth of knowledge here to lead family members through the process. The author provides many lists that are priceless in organizing the process. There are a number of repetition of ideas but that is important if you have not dealt with the issues before. The pitfalls that can occur are discussed in detail with suggestions in handling. The author stresses the importance of family meetings and having a neutral 3rd party mediator/advocate to set a positive outcome. This key person assist families in navigating the healthcare system, the insurance industry and the financial realities. Caregiving is a tough role--The Invisible Patient--as the title says. If you have a family member or friend facing these challenges this would be a timely gift--maybe along with a plate of freshly baked cookies. 

Compassion Fatigue is a Real Thing

Fulfilling the role of family caregiver is hard work, even if chosen willingly as an act of love to another. While the emotional, physical, and spiritual toll of caregiving is well documented, the high level of self-love and self-care required within the caregiver to successfully put the needs of others first without self-destructing, is not.
In The Invisible Patient, senior care consultant and caregiver advocate Annalee Kruger teaches caretakers how to appreciate the blessings of being a caregiver while also looking after themselves. It is not a luxury for caregivers to practice dedicated self-care — it is a necessity. Caregiving can be a positive experience for everyone IF there is an Aging Plan in place. The ability to be resilient, know and share boundaries, and say "no" are vital for both the well-being of the caregiver and the caregiver's patients. The Invisible Patient provides inspiration, encouragement, and guidance for finding ease and help during the caregiving journey.
Annalee Kruger
  • She has spent her entire 28+ year career in the senior care industry.
  • She has dedicated her life to helping families have the best possible outcomes for themselves and their aging loved ones.
  • She is a nationally recognized expert in the field of senior care planning.
  • She is an accomplished national speaker, podcast host and corporate trainer; presenting at a hundreds of healthcare, senior housing, financial conferences and webinars.

Who is The Invisible Patient For?

Adult Children



Everyone knows someone in the aging journey - we all are!

We also know that most families don't talk about the "what ifs" of aging like:

Who will provide care?
How will we pay for care?
What is our plan when Mom's dementia progresses?
What happens if the primary caregiver gets ill or dies?

This book is PACKED with 'how to's" and do it yourself tools to develop your own Aging Plan, facilitate a family meeting, how to interview home care companies and MORE!

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