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If you or your loved one had a medical crisis, how EASILY could you find all of those important docs?
With our signature Grab and Go e-Binder have all of your important documents consolidated in a single location and easily accessible at a moment’s notice. 
Our signature Grab And Go e-Binder is a must-have tool for families making their way through the aging journey, that allows you and your family to be ready to handle crises before they occur and avoid having to figure everything out in the heat of the moment.

This incredible resource was developed by our founder Annalee Kruger throughout her 25+ year career in the senior care industry, which means it's focused on handling the real day-to-day challenges that families are forced to work through when an aging crisis collides with their family.

And as a result...this free's you up to enjoy the golden years of your life with the peace of mind of knowing whatever crises lay ahead, your family is ready - this is Our Grab And Go e-Binder.

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What Others Are Saying
I received the Grab and Go Binder a few minutes ago! Again, thank you so much for sending it! Knowing you developed it, I expected it to be detailed and exceeds my expectations! Now, I need to get to work and fill it up!

Barb Larsen

While working as a social worker, admissions director, and executive director in long term care communities for over 18 years, families came in DAILY to tour the community because Mom was in the hospital and soon to be discharged. The hospital told the family "go find a facility by tomorrow because we are discharging your mother". Families were blind-sided by the crisis, emotionally spent, overwhelmed, fearful and had no idea what questions to ask or what to look for.

As families embarked on a seemingly routine one-hour tour, I found myself devoting two to three hours, not merely showcasing facilities, but becoming their beacon of knowledge. I delved into the intricacies of aging, caregiving, dementia progression, and the varying levels of care. I shed light on the complexities of navigating illness and explaining the labyrinth of payment options.

When the question arose about their parents' preparedness – living wills, power of attorney, long-term care insurance, VA benefits, funeral arrangements – the responses echoed a resounding "I don't know; our family never talks about this stuff." Some adult children, valiant in their attempts, had been met with pushback from their parents, a resistance that left them disheartened and defeated.

Choosing the path of unpreparedness comes at a cost – a steep price paid in time, money, and stress. Engaging attorneys in a frantic eleventh hour for estate documents or emergency guardianship/conservatorship proves to be a financially burdensome endeavor. The realization of familial ill-preparedness unfolds as an overwhelming ordeal, a stark truth that families would rather be spared.

Picture a different scenario. Picture a Grab and Go, a digital safeguard meticulously crafted to be your shield against the storm. This isn't merely a product; it's an investment in tranquility, a means to reclaim time spent scrambling in chaos, money lost in the eleventh-hour frenzy, and the stress that accompanies the uncharted territory of unpreparedness.

Choose foresight over surprise. Choose empowerment over chaos. Invest in your peace of mind. Purchasing and completing your digital Grab and Go isn't just a choice; it's a lifeline that promises to save you precious time, hard-earned money, and the unnecessary burden of stress.

Act now, and gift your family the security they deserve.

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Benefits of our Grab and Go e-Binder

  • Keeps your most important documents in one place
  • Allows you to identify gaps in planning easily and outdated documents
  • Conversation starters for families to share what is in order already
  • Makes great gifts for everyone in the family
  • ​Receive e-mailed reminders to update your Grab and Go throughout the year
  • ​Receive new content periodically 
  • ​Mobile-convenience saves time from needing to stop by your loved one's residence to look for documents when enroute to hospital or facility

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